The GHARANA PROJECT is an open- and global-minded intercultural music project incorporating musicians from North India and Germany:
Swapan Bhattacharya (Tabla), Christian Kuzio (Bass, Guitar), Koushik Bhattacharya (Vocal)

Manoj Baruah (Violin), Martin Druckrey (ElectroDJ, bassist and didgeridoo) and Danny Deutschmann (Sound-Engineer) whose intention is to enter into a creative dialogue with the respective other culture and to open up new musical paths.

Theoretical Concept

Trans-cultural mix of classical North India music and occidental music culture.

Teaching Method

Self-improvement through interpreting musical themes of both cultures.

Practical Performance

All instruments are presented individually; whereas common musical improvisations happen in different orchestration.


connects people and promotes their development.


Gharana is a traditional method of playing and teaching the North Indian classical music’s unique characteristics of composition, instrumentation and singing. With the exceptional constellation of instruments, the project collective works with Gharana as basis for exploring new sounds and expressions in combination with dramaturgical sound design.

Despite the Gharana tradition though, the project does not feature an almighty leader. Instead the musicians share the idea of intercultural understanding, sensible and versatile dealing with improvised music, a yearning for freedom and tolerance as well as the urge to musically articulate all this on stage. In context of the Gharana Project traditional content of Gharana is interpreted.


is privileged to bring the artists of the Orient and the Occident to a podium.


Swapan Bhattacharya was director of the Institute for Classical Indian Music in Hamburg/Germany for over twenty years, meanwhile again with main residence in Kolkata, he founded the "GHARANA PROJECT" in 2011. Depending on the concert schedule, the artists perform with three to seven musicians (including guest musicians). Since 2012, they have been working to refine their sound and have been active on stage ever since.

In Germany e.g. at the "Breminale", at the cultural festival "Altonale", in the "Circus Fantasia", in the "Universe Alltona"and at the "Fusion Festival".
In India: "Manindra Sangeet Tirtha" Music Akademi - Kolkata / State of West Bengal, Serampore "Town Hall" - Kolkata / State of West Bengal, in the "Aryabhatt Auditorium" - Ranchi / State of Jharkhand as well as in the "Rabindra Bhavan" - Guwahati / State of Assam.

Swapan Bhattacharya


the Calcutta born artist studied with Guru Pandit Shaymal Bose and became one of the internationally known Tabla musicians of the recent years. As ambassador for the North Indian classical music, he wows his audience with virtuous and authentic performances and an incredible instinct for stand-alone musical cooperations. He is a genius in this field, highly praised, honored and deeply revered.

Christian Kuzio


studied Guitar at the HMT Rostock and Composition at the LTU Pitea in Sweden. Since 2006, the versatile musician has composed and produced full-time theater music and works as musical director. He is a guitarist on the improvisation projects "Die Reise" and "Zwei Paar Schuh", has worked for the Goethe-Institut, SWR and NDR and is featured in various functions on various publications.

Koushik Bhattachary


was born in Howrah, the son of Indian classical singer Pt. Pataki Bhattacharjee. At the age of seven he began taking lessons from his father, followed by other teachers over the years. In addition to his work as a singer on the stages of this world, from the U.S.A. to Europe, the multiple award-winning artist teaches in India and passes on his knowledge and wealth of experience.

Goutam Bhattacharya


began learning the Violin at the age of ten from his brother, Deepak. He continued with his studies and received the "Master of Art" degree in instrumental music from Rabindra Bharati University in Kolkata. Manoj is an internationally acclaimed artist, playing regularly on "All India Radio" and "Doordashan TV" in India and presenting his music in Bangladesh and Europe.

Goutam Bhattacharya


As an electro DJ and bass playerhis interest in other cultures brought him into contact with the Yidaki (didgeridoo) and its western, but also traditional playing style (Yolngu Aborigines). Continuously the autodidact learned other indigenous instruments, among others African Djembe, Indian flutes, Jew's harps. As "Marton Kosmofon" he skillfully harmonizes these indigenous sounds with electronic sounds.

Danny Deutschmann


works as a sound engineer for live music and studio productions and is hired for system management of complex sound reinforcement systems. In his work as a sound engineer, he has a wealth of experience and has worked for artists in rock, pop, jazz and world music, as well as musicians in classical Indian music.


„Do you want to get to know a society, so listen to their music.“


German-Indian cultural relations are in an emerging state. Just as the general relations between India and Germany deepen, the long tradition of a cultural exchange between the nations helps this upswing. Still, there is an imbalance – at least by looking at the exchange of music. While Indian music of all kinds, from Hindi-Pop to the Classic, is established and independent of e.g. governmental support in the German cultural landscape, German music has a hard time to reach an Indian audience.

To allow a differentiated picture of contemporary german music culture in India an extra effort is needed. Here the Gharana Project builds a bridge - it conveys both occidental and indian music culture and constantly creates new creative synergies. We all know that music is an universal language. We strive for some new dialects – non-verbal, straight forward and by all means emotional.


Citation by Helmut Glaßl


GHARANA PROJECT, an exciting journey into a distant world of musical artists between East and West. It sounds as if Shrikohl and E-Bass, Tabla and Drums, Sitar and Guitar have always been musically united. Experimental music full of meditative harmonies. Each performance is unique, as the dynamic relationships between musicians and audiences create a whole new and unforgettable experience each time. Listen and see for yourself.


Gharana Project
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Gharana Project

Lord Narayana/Krishna - Mantra

Fusion Festival 2023



16. June 2023 from 1 pm »loud and luise«
A project by KinderKinder e.V. Hamburg
Location: Planten un Blomen (Stage: to be announced)
Admission and all offers are free of charge!
Planten un Blomen
Marseiller Promenade /
public park
20355 Hamburg / Germany
16. June 2023 5 pm Gong Didgeridoo & Tabla
Elbecamp e.V.
Arrival by car only via the Wittenbergener Weg.
Many navigation devices show the wrong route, so always follow the signs.
Wittenbergen or ElbeCamp and do not turn off the main road beforehand!
Please enter "Wittenbergener Weg" as your intermediate destination!
By bike: Always along the Elbe via Fischmarkt, Övelgönne,
Teufelsbrück, Strandweg to the Falkensteiner Ufer.
Public transportation: take the S-Bahn line S1 or S11 in the direction of Blankenese/Wedel
to Blankenese station (25 min.).
From there, take the 189 bus in the direction of Wedel to the Tinsdaler Kirchenweg stop (10 min.).
Continue on foot down Wittenbergener Weg, keep left until you reach Falkensteiner Ufer 101
(10 minutes on foot).
Or by bus no. 388 from Blankenes S-Bahn station in the direction of Rissen and
then get off directly at Falkensteiner Ufer (ElbeCamp). (Bus no. 388 runs every hour).
Elbecamp e.V.
Falkensteiner Ufer 101/
22587 Hamburg
040 / 812 949
30. June 2024 2 pm FUSION 2024
Raga & Tala
With Manoj Baruah, an outstanding violin player from Assam
and Swapan Bhattacharya, a highly talented tabla player from West Bengal.
They will be accompanied by Martin Druckray on the yidaki (didgeridoo).
Stage: Neuland
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Kulturkosmos Müritz e.V.
Am Flugplatz
17248 Lärz / Germany
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what can not be said and what it is impossible to mention. (Victor Hugo)


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